Bentley's Tavern Mug Club

The Bentley’s Tavern Mug Club is an exclusive club of 242 members. The fee is $50 to join and an annual renewal of $35. Renewals are due on January 1 and accepted no later than February 1. We offer non-beer drinkers a Wine Mug Club. This club has the same benefits but features wine instead of beer and includes a stemless wine mug rather than a traditional beer mug.

Membership benefits
Members get personalized plaques for their mug storage boxes on the wall. The mugs are double-wall insulated stainless steel and are a pleasure to hold. We run specials just for members that change each month. Craft beer nights, merchandise giveaways, food specials and Mug Club Happy Hours are examples. Members receive monthly special emails. Probably the most popular perk is two exclusive parties each year. These amazing gatherings include drinks, food, entertainment and a ton of fun. These get-togethers allow us to express our appreciation to members for regularly contributing to our business. These benefits are solely for members. Mugs are non-transferable and cannot be shared with others.

We currently have a limited number of openings in The Bentley’s Tavern Mug Club so stop in today to join! Club memberships make great gifts, too!